Self Care All The Time Book

Self Care All The Time will be published Fall 2021. 

After a successful Publishizer campaign selling 100 pre-orders, I will be publishing Self Care All the Time! 


There is no shortage of self-care and wellness tips. Yet, many people, especially women of color, find themselves not practicing self-care, which is contributing to burnout and elevated stress levels. This issue was so important that the CDC released guidance urging women, a large number who are caregivers, to take care of themselves during the pandemic. Are women doomed to an exhausted fate? Absolutely not.

In my book, I will guide readers through a simple process that will help them to finally prioritize self-care in their everyday lives. It is easy to find ideas for self-care online, but creating a sustainable practice around these self-care practices is much more difficult. I present readers with a four-step reflection that will empower them to make self-care a reality all the time and improve their well-being and creative capacity in the process.