SPACE Workshop

Creating spaces for busy people to practice self care.

You and the members of your organization are doing important work and giving your all to make it happen. That dedication doesn’t come without its share of exhaustion and overwhelm, right?

It’s so important, especially now, to prioritize wellness and self care so to that your organization can be productive and energized for the future ahead. Unfortunately, it can be hard for you and your colleagues to find the time to actually practice self care.

The SPACE workshop was created with all of that in mind.

SPACE workshops are specially curated experiences for busy organizations who are short on time but really want to prioritize everyone taking care of themselves. SPACE workshops allow individuals to explore themes related to self care in a safe and welcoming space from the comfort of their device. Workshops range from 60-90 minutes and can be easily integrated into your organizational calendar.

The cohesiveness, clarity, and organization of the event is wonderful. The mindfulness of time, music, simple visuals and effective use of Zoom heightens the experience!

Retreat Participant

Are you ready for your organization to create SPACE?