Self Care Coaching

Kandice Cole, founder of K. Cole Wellness and Certified Chopra Teacher

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I am so excited that you are interested in coaching!

I offer coaching and support to busy individuals who desire to infuse self care and wellness practices into their busy lives using Ayurvedic principles and approaches. My coaching style is intuitive, gentle, and joyful. I believe that you are a wise human who knows most deeply what you need. I simply hold space for you to notice and honor yourself, so you can live out your truest desires.

Current Coaching Packages

**Each package includes a virtual 60 minute Ayurveda for Busy People Intro Course. You will learn about the Ayurvedic approach (from Chopra Health) that is the foundation for my work with you! ***

Interested in 6 or 12 month options? Email me at

Coaching Option #1: Loom/Voxer Coaching Package

Using Loom or Voxer, you will have the opportunity to connect with me twice per month on your most pressing questions. The process is simple. You send your inquiry and give me all the details. I will then send a detailed response with resources and prompts to help you continue on your self care journey!

Package includes:

2 Loom/Voxer Check Ins

Email check ins

*We will schedule brief orientation to Loom or Voxer to get everything set up!

Investment: $150/month (cancel anytime)

Coaching Option #2: Monthly Coaching Call

We will meet together each month for a 60 minute coaching call. Each coaching call includes a meditation and special resources. We will work through your most pressing challenge/question/wondering with curiosity. At the end of each session we will set intentional goals for you to work on for the month. I am available by email to support between calls!

Package includes:

60 minute personal retreat (aka coaching call )

Email check ins

Discounts to K. Cole Wellness events

Investment: $250/month (cancel anytime)

Coaching Option #3: Ultimate Package

This option includes everything from package 1 and 2 to provide you with the ultimate support!

Package includes:

60 minute personal retreat (aka coaching call)

Email Check ins

2 Loom/Voxer check ins

Free ticket to (1) K. Cole Wellness Virtual Retreat

Discount on K. Cole Wellness events

Investment: $300/month (cancel anytime)

I look forward to working with you!