Do you feel like you have more to accomplish with your gifts and talents?

Do you find yourself lacking motivation and energy to accomplish your dreams?

Do you need some accountability to keep taking action?

Are you unclear on how to move forward with your passions and gifts?

If you answered yes (or nodded your head and said “mhmm”), then my coaching services may be a good fit for you. 

Current Services

  • Clarity Session (individual coaching session):
    • 60-minute coaching call (includes recording)
    • Curated recommendation sheet
    • Email to schedule:
  • 1-month coaching package
  • 3 month coaching package:
    • 2 coaching calls per month
    • Unlimited virtual coaching via email
    • Free Access to courses and books
    • Discounted tickets to 2019 retreat
    • Please apply to learn more

My clients have :

  • Signed up their first consulting client in less than 24 hours of a coaching session.
  • Successfully self-published a children’s book 
  • Enrolled in school to start their dream career
  • Moved past major blocks and moved forward on their business plans
  • Let go of time-consuming commitments to spend more time with their family
  • Finished a book of poetry
  • Had major aha moments that totally changed their perspective on life
  • Let go of old stories of lack and fear and replaced them with love and abundance
  • Wrote more in 30 minutes from a writing challenge than they written in last few years



“I was unsure and doubtful about what direction(s) to take my brand in. After one hour speaking with Kandice, I walked away not only sure of my next steps but with clear direction and instruction. By the end of the call I was already far more confident in myself and my brand than when the call started. By far one of the most useful 60 minutes of my life!”- Tamyra Andrews, My Helps the People

“Thanks for helping me move from confusion to clarity in a very caring manner! I walked away from our conversation with direction and strategies.”Fenesha Hubbard, Personal Growth and Personal Development Facilitator,

My consultation with Kandice was nothing short of AMAZING! She was very inspiring, had great resources, and challenged (in a very loving way) my perception of how I would walk out my process. I cried throughout the call and left the conversation so empowered. I have since been referring her to everyone I know! I look forward to an ongoing connection.” -Shiree Grant, Educator and Entrepreneur

“I have worked with Kandice on a couple of occasions. It is evident that she puts extreme thought and care into each of her client’s personal situations. I believe her services are an outstanding value and I would recommend her to anyone needing clarification in any of life’s facets.” – Temara Moore, Author and Property Tax Analyst

“You have helped me find my purpose and have supported me in my purpose. For that I am forever grateful.” Brandy Hazzard, Esthetician and beauty blogger, BeautyXBrandy

“All it took was setting aside 30 minutes and I wrote more pages than I have in years [ from the vulnerability is writing challenge]“- Daisy Copeland, Youniqe Consultant and Mother

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